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Digital Refractometers for Brewing Applications

Digital Refractometer
The Problem

Existing instruments to measure the refractive index (RI) of liquids rely on extracting a small sample form the liquid and applying it to a well in the instrument, or reading a scale in an optical device. For brewing and distillation purposes, the readings are generally followed by mathematical conversion to appropriate units depending on the process. 


The Solution

This instrument eliminates that step by direct immersion in the liquid, thus providing a convenient, accurate and inexpensive solution for real-time direct measurement of RI, and other convenient units used in brewing and distillation including specific gravity, Plato (or Brix), and Gravity. This patented device is based on fiber optic sensing technology originally developed at one of the nation’s national laboratories. Related parameters are calibrated in terms of pure sugar solutions. 



The Product 

Various versions of this device can be easily retrofitted to existing brewing tanks for real-time, continuous display of brewing parameters.

The device offers additional benefits well beyond RI determination:
  • An internal temperature sensing element provides additional information on liquid temperature.
  • Custom calibrations.
  • The best news is all of this is attained at a cost far less than existing  refractometers.
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