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About JSA Photonics LLC


JSA Photonics was established in 1991 as a contract and consulting engineering firm for the design, manufacturing and systems integration of industrial automation components, sensors and systems. One of the first prototype developments was the DigiRule, a digital measuring device. In 1995, the Company began the development of a 3-D non-contact optical dimensioning device and entered into a licensing agreement with the Industrial Technology Institute, in Ann Arbor, Mich. 


In 1995, The Company secured a contract for the development and fabrication of test equipment used in the manufacture of precision laser optical alignment systems including precision mechanical fixtures, optical detection and alignment equipment, and vacuum leak and backfill systems. Shortly thereafter, the Company entered into an agreement for the development and testing of the TechTimer Roadside Passenger Advisory System. A prototype of this device has been successfully developed and tested, and has been deployed on several university campuses and municipalities. Another noteworthy development was a GPS distancing system for golf courses.


The Company’s past engineering and consulting customer base includes Laser Alignment Inc., Michigan Development Corporation, ERIM International, Acuity Vision Inc., Walker Manufacturing Inc., Prologix Controls Inc., AccuRange Inc., University of Illinois at Chicago, Ann Arbor Transportation Authority, Applied Research Associates, M3 Engineering, and The Directed Energy Professional Society.  


In 1999, the Company relocated operations to Albuquerque, NM, and has been exclusively engaged in general technical consulting and the development of special purpose refractometers for battery state-of-charge monitoring, fuels discrimination, brewing, and industrial process control.

Special Purpose Refractometer

Images of Past JSA Developments

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